Winamp Remote Control

Winamp Remote Control 1.0

Convert your PDA into a remote control for WinAmp

Very good

WRC is a remote control software for Nullsoft's Winamp player. It can communicate over Internet, Bluetooth or any connection made using Microsoft ActiveSync. You have the opportunity of controlling your media sitting comfortably in your chair. In addition to that is a nice layout and an easy auto-installation process.

The main features are:

  • See which song is currently playing
  • See the time remaining
  • See track details (bit rate, sample rate, mono/stereo)
  • Set the volume
  • Set the panning
  • Show/Hide Equalizer window or Playlist window. If you hide the EQ window the Playlist window will be resized to fill the window and more titles will be displayed
  • Set previous track
  • Play current track
  • Pause current track
  • Stop current track
  • Set next track
  • Set shuffle ON/OFF
  • Set repeat ON/OFF
  • Turn ON/OFF the equalizer
  • Turn equalizer auto-load
  • Set the equalizer's bands

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Winamp Remote Control


Winamp Remote Control 1.0

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